Just Plain Good for You

showing jars of clear honey.
Honey display

People do not need to shell out big bucks for beauty products, especially since some of the best beauty products can already be found on kitchen shelves.

For the facial wash, honey is actually a surprising alternative. “Honey is the oldest skin-care ingredient and has been used extensively for both medical and skin-care purposes,” Neil Sadick, MD, the founder of Sadick Dermatology in New York.

People who have skin issues will definitely benefit from a honey facial wash because it can help soothe skin ailments. “It has antibacterial properties, anti-inflammatory properties, and it nurtures the skin. Honey’s particularly suitable for sensitive skin,” said Sadick.

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Winter is finally here!

Winter has finally arrived. I can only hope you managed to wrap/winterize your hives before the cold really set in. Here are some comments you might find useful.

hives in deep snow
Hives in Snow

Approximately 4 years ago I was off work sick and failed to completely wrap one yard. It had 16 hives, all of which were readied for winter in the usual fashion, ie. 3 boxes, lots of stores, young queens etc, the only difference between them was that 8 were left unwrapped. Continue reading “Winter is finally here!”