Electric fences

Over the years of keeping bees and supplying equipment I have heard numerous sob stories regarding animals and bee hives, some funny and some serious. One thing in common they could have all been avoded by using an electric fence of some sort.

I remember one individuals way of preventing animals, the guy made a platform, then installed a pulley system and ropes to pull the platform up into a tree. Worked well, seemingly, until the ropes were frayed and the whole lot, two hives, full supers of honey, came crashing down. Imagine the mess?

If you live in an area with a black bear population, then the only way to avoid getting hit is by installing an Electric Fence. If you've ever seen the results of a bear hit you'll know how heart wrenching and expensive it can be recovering hive parts from the woods where the bear has carried them off.

I have attached a link to the best .pdf I can find on building a successful bear fence,

Click here to view .pdf

Please don't let this happen to you.

bee hives damaged by bear
bee hives showing bear damage