We are rather pleased to receive, and to be able to publish
the following letters from our customers

I received my bee suit yesterday. I just want to say how pleased I am with it. The quality of workmanship is exceptional! The seams are straight, neat, and clean; no thread snarls nor surplus threads hanging down to snag zippers. Somebody took the time and extra effort to clean things up and put on the finishing touches. Obviously, you take great pride in making a fine product.
As one of your customers, I appreciate that.
I have tried it on, and it seems to fit fine. It’s wonderful design certainly solves the bathroom problem for us women! I appreciate the large rings on the hood zipper to make it easier to put on and take off without help, and the patches of velcro to keep it bee-tight.. I haven’t shown the bees yet, but if they have any “stinging comments” about it, I’ll let you know, as I am sure you are open to improvements, if necessary, to keep your King Bee suit the best in the world.
Feel free to use my name for promotional purposes. I highly recommend your bee suit to anyone, because of its superb design, materials, and craftsmanship.
Gail Feddern……..Florida

…..but to date I have had the first real success ever keeping a hive over the winter. The Queens I got from you produced brood, at least on and off during the winter and I now have about 3 to 4 frames of bees. I have never been able to get queens laying during the winter, before. I know of an occasional colony to survive the winter, but I have never had “real” success myself. Until now that is. I suspect that it may be largely due to the genetics of the queen.
Tom Elliott. Alaska

Discussing your Queens……..
1. They winter better and on far less stores due to the smaller number going into winter.
2. They build up good in Spring when necessary.
3. They slow down raising brood when honey flow stops.
4. They are very docile and I am able to work them without protective clothing.
5. They are excellent producers. This year in excess of 200 pounds per colony.
6. They don’t swarm like my other colonies do. Glad to do business with you. Always enjoy communicating with you.
Ted Jansen……..MO

..I want to tell you again how much I like your hives and how easy they are to work with – I don’t work them with gloves or smoke – don’t need to, I am not in there jerking the frames around because there is no propolis.
Also, you may remember I was told I needed to get rid of my hives because of the bad disc I now have in my back, well, I still work your hive and have NO problem – they are easy to lift, smaller, and I can work them without overworking the muscles in my back while pulling them apart like the old Langstroth hive boxes. This year I put a new queen into the hive (late) and it still out produced the Langstroth hives sitting next to it that were requeened a few weeks before.
Thomas Yates…….MN

I have two D.E. hives and I think they are great. During the hottest days of last summer when my ten other hives had huge beards on the front, my D.E. hives had none, this is due to the great ventilation those hives feature. I also have two Mod kit hives, which use standard Langstroth hive bodies and supers but have the ventilation box and ventilated outer cover that work so well. The Langstroth bodies are also “sideways” to the way we ordinarily sit hive bodies, this makes the entrance very wide for ease of ventilation and also that is the way bees build comb in the wild. Also, the unique way that plastic frame spacers are used prevents the bees from reaching the ends of the top bars, therefore they cannot propolize them. I do not need any tools to lift the frames
The year I got my first D.E. hive I compared honey production compared to my other hives and the D.E. did a lot better. But even if it produces the same amount of honey the other features make it outstanding. Everyone that I show this hive to is impressed with the ventilation.
Garry Libby…….. MA

Many thanks for the prompt order sent to my son Jamie Mudge, for the bee suit for my husband’s Christmas present. I have always been happy with the items and service you have shown to us in the past year.
Marg Mudge…… Ontario

Thanks to you and your staff for doing such a GREAT JOB. I was quite impressed with many things related to this transaction.
1. Timeliness : You followed up in a timely fashion with e-mail.
2. Shipping on Monday to make sure it did not have to sit in the postal service over the weekend.
3. Delivery when you said it would happen, I like it when folks walk their talk.
4. Packaging. Nice attention to detail, safe, secure, the new Mom and her attendants arrived in Lively condition. No apparent wear and tear, especially with the heat and humidity index we have been experiencing here in the Chicago area.
So often we hear a lot about what is wrong. I really like to send out a congratulations on a job well done.
May you and your business be blessed.
Mike Belluso 🙂

Just a quick note to say how well your queens are doing! The hives are booming, overflowing with gentle bees that keep packing in the honey. Granted, it has been an exceptional summer for the bees but your queens have to take part of the credit for a bumper crop of honey. Please put me on your list for 15 queens for early next summer.
Ken McCutcheon…..Ontario

I felt I had to write and let you know that when I am ready to purchase bee equipment, you are going to be my supplier.
I have spent the last hour looking at your website, and feel that I would be dealing with a company that is more than honest, and really does have a desire to help people with beekeeping. It is so refreshing in this day and age to go to a website and not just have a sales pitch thrown at you.
At the moment I live on a small city lot, and would be concerned about starting a hive, because I think neighborhood kids would be too tempted to do something stupid, and in this era of lawsuits I would end up paying for it, even though I do have fencing around my property.
But, I did want to let you know how I felt about your site, and I’m sorry I won’t be able to get my bees from you. I agree with everything said about the “free trade aspect”.
Jackie Hammer

Many thanks for the file. I must say that the DVD is a great tool,  it helped clarify some points as well as reinforce some others. I recommend this DVD to any beekeeper interested in learning or perfecting the art of queen rearing.
What a great educational tool.
By the way, we miss you all at the different conferences, you used to visit in the past to EAS, and others.
Charles Walter